Can you imagine a time without instant connection and email conversations? Back in the day,
conversations were either on letters or using trunk calls. Today email is an indispensable part of
our life be it professional or even personal lives. The massive growth of this powerful
communication medium is attributed largely to its easy accessibility and wide uses. When the
internet first came into existence, email was totally a far-fetched idea. The first email was found
at the Massachusetts Institute of technology laboratory where people invented a program
called the ‘mailbox’ where in, they could leave electronic messages for others. The system was
very efficient for people who were regularly using the same and thereby accessing the
computers regularly.

Then in 1969, the US department of Defense implemented a unique programme called ARPA
NET, which was aimed at connecting several computers from various streams. This led to the
idea of the creation of email by Ray Tomlinson. The aim was to allow instantaneous
communication between people within an organization and thus make it so beneficial that it
could be used for more practical applications.

However, due to the internal security protocols, the sending and receiving messages process
became complex. With the advancement of technology a huge deal of effort was put behind
resolving all issues and only bringing the front of this great invention to the consumers. All the
work that goes behind sending an email and receiving one is beyond one’s imagination. Many
email companies came up in the 80s and 90s like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc. Hence, the market
got pumped up with great revenues making a vast reach of the email through the internet.
Now, as the age of email has begun and matured completely, it still has a lot of scope to grow.
Many of us, still do not have an email account and would be very interested to new email
create account. While now there are many companies like Google offering the easiest and the
most convenient way to new email create account, one can find each of the easy steps and a
detailed guide to create a new account for email.

The millennial generation today is fast and gripping and grows as fast as the technology is
growing. The people who have invented the email themselves are flabbergasted and amazed at
its growth and relevance today in all sectors. Emails are the first exchange in professional
meetings and conversations and lead to a sort of authenticity verification among many
companies. Many of our personal conversations and sharing also happen over email today. It is
an irreplaceable part of this technology-driven world and will go a long way in connecting
people and lives across the world in the future!

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