While working on a laptop, at some point, a lot of us need to share our screens in order for someone else to view it. Especially when there is a remote help that is assisting us in fixing our laptop, it is crucial to share our screen view. This is when screenshots can come in handy and can allow us to share our screens.

If you are looking for an answer to how do you screenshot on a laptop, here are a few guidelines to follow.

How Do You Screenshot on a Laptop?

The easiest way to take a screenshot on your laptop is to use the ‘print screen’ button. This button is generally available on your keyboard and can help you in taking a screenshot of your screen view. It also allows you to save it as a file. This can be customised since print screen allows you to take a screenshot of a single window instead of the entire screen. Some of the ways that the print screen button is generally labelled are ‘PrtScn’ or ‘PrntScrn’ or ‘Print Scr’. This button is usually located in the top right-hand side panel of most keyboards. On laptop keyboards, you may have to press the ‘fn’ or function key along with print screen in order to take a screenshot.

Saving Screenshot File

In case you are looking to save the screenshot as a file, you can press the Windows logo key along with the print screen button. Some of the laptops require you to press the Windows logo key along with the control button and print screen for it to save as a file. While taking a screenshot, the screen can dim for a second and you can then see the file saved under the ‘pictures’ folder. Screenshots automatically get labelled with a number, so you can choose to rename it if you plan to send it for further use.

Screenshot Without Saving

If you do not wish to save the screenshot file, then you can simply use the print screen button to take a screenshot. By default, the screenshot display gets copied to the clipboard when you take a screenshot using print screen button. You can choose to paste this copied image via an image editor or even paste it on a word document to add text to it. Depending on your desktop resolution, the dimensions of the image could vary.

Single Window Screenshots

You may want to take a screenshot of a single window in order to keep rest of the screen private. This is possible if you click on the title bar of the window that you wish to capture. You can then press alt and print screen and your currently active window’s screenshot will be copied to clipboard. This can again be edited as you like, with the help of an image editor or other Windows document types. Pressing Windows and shift and ‘s’ buttons together can allow you to take screenshots of part of your screen.

Depending on your requirement, you can have multiple choices in taking print screen or screenshots of your screen. These can also be modified the way you like and can then be shared. The ideal way to go about addressing the question, how do you screenshot on a laptop, is to go through the laptop manual and use some of the mentioned guidelines.

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